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PeopleSoft Implementation by Printerm


Printerm has implemented Secure Check Printing Corporate Solutions for PeopleSoft & Crystal Report customers. References can be provided upon request.

We provide the following:

1. Secure Check Printer with a Removable Security Card that has MICR font, Secure Payee Font, Digitized Logos, and Digitized Signatures.

2. PeopleSoft manual written by PeopleSoft Consultants for MICR check printing. No other company offers seamless integration.

3. The MICR font is specifically designed to match the Magnetic Toner for that specific engine. Refer to our article "Why choose Printerm"

4. Digitizing service for logos and signatures. These items are made into fonts either in PCL or Postscript/Truetype format.

5. Font drivers (for older versions of PeopleSoft) that attach to the WIN 2000/XP Printer driver so that these fonts are easily accessible. For newer versions of PeopleSoft it requires the Postscript/Truetype font solution.

6. Free testing . Sample checks are processed through our MICR Qualifier GTX showing whether the checks will pass at the bank in United States or Canada. Items tested for are: character alignment, dimension, spacing, wave form, and signal strength. A complete report is provided.
We guarantee a pass at your bank when you use our Check Printers, MICR toner, MICR font, and Check Security Paper.

7. MICR Toner Cartridge guaranteed to give optimum results and a pass at the bank.

8. Check Security Paper to properly absorb the MICR toner and designed to reduce fraud.

9. Free Consulting service providing implementation information.


The Printerm Datascribe Inc team specializes in Cheque and Micr check Printer sales and support. Contact us for more information on Micr and Check Printer solutions and see how we can help you! Browse the rest of our site at printerm.com to learn more about our Micr cheque printer services.

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