Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Print MICR Checks?

  • A Laser Printer - Preferably HP or Printerm
  • MICR Check Software - CheckRite or Accounting package capable of handling escape codes (ie. SAP, Jonas Software)
  • Magnetic Toner Cartridge - Current supply is for HP / Lexmark / Xerox / IBM / Printerm
  • Blank Security Check Paper
  • Digitizing of Logos and Signatures (optional on Flash Card/SIMM/DIMM)
  • MICR Educational Kit - Gauge, MICR manual 
Where can I find Pricing on these items?
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How Do I get my data (e.g.: Payroll, Accounts Payable) to CheckRite?

  • Generate data in accounting package and print to file
  • Custom Interface - for pricing consult Printerm 
  • What is CheckRite?

This is a software package, for writing Checks, to run in a Windows operating system. It produces blank checks, personal and corporate checkbooks, performs a MICR alignment, imports data from a database file. It has a security module and prints reports with an audit trail. For more details, click here

What Security features and Check Stock is available?


All of our stock laser checks now include our new safety features for Rainbow 6.P to include a secured Certified watermark seal, micro-printing, signature and endorsement.

COPIER "VOID" FEATURE - Checks contain an intricate security design feature that produces a series of Voids if the checks are processed through a single or a full color copier.

RAINBOW PRISMATIC VERSIONS - The pantograph check design is printed with graduated colors. These versions are the most difficult to photocopy and include our void copier security feature.

ABA CHECK ENDORSEMENT CLAUSE - The standard American Banking Association endorsement clause is printed on the back with a warning clause indicating the face of the check contains a colored background, a facsimile of the watermark and check pantograph background is also part of the endorsement clause.

SIGNATURE AREA - The signature area is printed in a different pantograph background than the check . This patented use of multiple pantograph designs produces voids through different density settings on the copier. The signature area also has a warning clause that the signature has a colored background.

MICRO PRINTING - The line borders on the check and the endorsement are micro printed with SAFE CHECK and padlocks and can only be seen when magnified. Micro-printing cannot be photo-copied or scanned. This security feature is also used on United States currency.

WATERMARK CERTIFICATION SEAL - An EPA approved watermark certification seal that cannot be photocopied is on the back of every check with appropriate warning clauses printed on the front and back of the check. The watermark also certifies that the paper meets all ANSI/ABA specifications for laser check printing . Under black light, the seal will intensify.

FLUORESCENT FIBERS - Artificial yellow fluorescent fibers on the back will intensify under black light.
*Special Order may take up to 3 weeks. We can customize the paper to your specifications.

What is a MICR Educational Kit?

This consists of a gauge and MICR Manual. Once the check is produced, it can then be dropped into the window of the gauge to confirm the MICR characters align correctly. The MICR Manual explains what MICR is all about, and has a detailed section on SAP.

How do I make my check printing secure?

Printerm offers various solutions to make your check printing secure. We offer the Secure Font Module, which incorporates the Removable Flash Card. You can also use the Hard Disk Drive for Secure Print Jobs on the certain MICR printers.
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