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Jonas Software Implementation by Printerm

Printerm has implemented Secure Check Printing Corporate Solutions for Jonas Software customers. References can be provided upon request.

For Jonas Software customers, this is the following escape code sequence that Printerm supplies: E13B- <esc>(5Q<esc>(s0p8.00h8.0v0s0b177T

We provide the following:

1. Secure Check Printer with a Removable Security Card that has MICR font, Secure Payee Font, Digitized Logos, and Digitized Signatures.

2. Jonas Software manual written by Jonas Consultants for MICR check printing. No other company offers seamless integration.

3. The MICR font is specifically designed to match the Magnetic Toner for that specific engine. Refer to our article "Why choose Printerm"

4. Digitizing service for logos and signatures. These items are made into fonts with a font ID and HP PCL escape codes.

5. Font drivers that attach to the WIN 95/98/2000/XP Printer driver so that these fonts are easily accessible.

6. Free testing . Sample checks are processed through our Verifier Plus showing whether the checks will pass at the bank in United States or Canada. Items tested for are: character alignment, dimension, spacing, wave form, and signal strength. A complete report is provided.
We guarantee a pass at your bank when you use our Check Printers, MICR toner, MICR font, and Check Security Paper.

7. MICR Toner Cartridge guaranteed to give optimum results and a pass at the bank.

8. Check Security Paper to properly absorb the MICR toner and designed to reduce fraud.

9. Free Consulting service providing implementation information.
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