Why Printerm?

Why invest in Printerm's Check Solutions?

We guarantee it. We shop the competition so you don't have to. If you find a lower price on the web for comparable quantities and quality, we will match or beat that price; just write it on the order form with the URL of the site you found the price at.
All of our printers have a unique MICR font that is modified to suit each printer engine and is modified to the pixel level to match the magnetic toner provided for that printer. This results in the correct waveform, dimension, and signal strength when a check is printed with the correct MICR characters. The MICR font is to ABA-X9 standards & conforms to OCR standards to ensure acceptance of your checks by banking institutions.
Our Magnetic Toner is designed specifically for each print engine provided. The toner is tested thoroughly for rub test, durability, signal strength, dimension, and wave form. The MICR toner is tested for consistent signal readings, image permanence and uniformity, as well as excellent edge acuity. Toner coverage is solid with no extraneous toner lay down.
We use OEM cartridges for all new printers, our compatible cartridges have new OPC Drum, New Clear PCR (Primary Charge Roller) Rollers, New Black Velvet Magnetic Sleeve, and New Image Wiper Blades. The Hopper System is filled with high-quality low-abrasion MICR Toner.
We use the latest and most advance MICR Test Equipment such as a Verifier and Golden Qualifier to conform to ANSI X9 Standards. Our Systems exceed U.S. and Canadian Check Printing Standards.

Printerm supplies check paper which confirms to the US and Canadian banking standards (can be selected when ordering which standard to ship).
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Check Security Paper is the state of the art designed to prevent forgery and fraud. Listed are the features:
  • COPIER "VOID" FEATURE - Checks contain an intricate security design feature that produces a series of Voids if the checks are processed through a single or a full color copier.
  • RAINBOW PRISMATIC VERSIONS - The pantograph check design is printed with graduated colors. These versions are the most difficult to photocopy and include our void copier security feature.
  • ABA CHECK ENDORSEMENT CLAUSE - The standard American Banking Association endorsement clause is printed on the back with a warning clause indicating the face of the check contains a colored background, a facsimile of the watermark and check pantograph background is also part of the endorsement clause.
  • SIGNATURE AREA - The signature area is printed in a different pantograph background than the check. This patented use of multiple pantograph designs produces voids through different density settings on the copier. The signature area also has a warning clause that the signature has a colored background.
  • MICRO PRINTING - The line borders on the check and the endorsement are micro printed with SAFE CHECK and padlocks and can only be seen when magnified. Micro-printing cannot be photo-copied or scanned. This security feature is also used on United States currency.
  • WATERMARK CERTIFICATION SEAL - An EPA approved watermark certification seal that cannot be photocopied is on the back of every check with appropriate warning clauses printed on the front and back of the check. The watermark also certifies that the paper meets all ANSI/ABA specifications for laser check printing. Under black light, the seal will intensify.
  • FLUORESCENT FIBERS - Artificial yellow fluorescent fibers on the back will intensify under black light.  

The Printerm team specializes in Check and Micr Check Printer sales and support. Contact us for more information on Micr and Check Printer solutions and see how we can help you! Browse the rest of our site at printerm.com to learn more about our Micr Check printer services.

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